Akira stands at 160cm/5.25ft (63in), with the 160cm G-Cup body, and looks every part the beautiful girl from somewhere inbetween the East and the West.
She is arguably mixed, which can be desirable.

She is well suited to many different outfits, and facial make-up.

Her body is athletic in shape, yet full and flexible, with a realistic athletic torso, and legs.
She is a 100% solid love/sex doll, with a metal EVO skeleton contained by default.

Body: Piper silicone 160cm 
Head: Akira


  • Height: 160cm / 63 inches
  • Net Weight: 41 kg / 90.4lbs
  • Shoulder: 36cm / 14.2 inches
  • Bust: 82cm /32.3 inches
  • Chest: 57cm / 22.4 inches
  • Waist: 61cm / 24.0 inches
  • Hip: 95cm / 37.4 inches
  • Length of Arm: 49cm - 19.3 inches
  • Length of Leg: 87cm - 34.3 inches
  • Length of Foot: 23cm - 9.1 inches
  • Depth of Oral: none
  • Depth of Anal: 14cm / 5.5 inches
  • Depth of Vagina: 17cm / 6.7 inches

Interactive areas: FV/A - Fixed Vagina and Anal capacity.



The Skin of your doll, can have a major impact upon the look you wish her to have.

  • White 
  • Pink-White
  • Tan


The eyes are essentially in the shape of a hollow hemisphere, and are placed into the hollow of the eye socket.

The hollow of the eyeball itself, is filled with synthetic/wool padding, to provide pressure and traction, and keep the eye(s) in position, so the eyes can be moved easily within the eye socket/head of the doll.


There are five types of eyes for your doll:

  1. Blue-Green Eyes
  2. Blue Eyes
  3. Green eyes
  4. Brown eyes
  5. Violet Eyes


There are 5 options for hair with Silicone Piper Dolls:

  • #8 Short Dark Brown Bob
  • #13 Short Fringed Mouse Brown Bob
  • #17 Long Fringe Copper Hair
  • #23 Long No-Fringe Straight Grey Hair
  • #29 Long No-Fringe Straight Mouse Brown Hair

Lip Options

There are four options for the Lips of your Doll:

  • Pink
  • Fuschia
  • Natural
  • Red


Your Doll will have the foot options:

  • Normal Feet - will not bear the weight of the doll
  • Standing Feet - will bear the weight of the doll, as has "Hard Silicone" on the soles of the feet, but do not leave the doll standing for many hours, or you risk deforming/splitting the

Breast Option

Silicone Piper dolls have hollow, gel filled breasts by default.

Areola Colour

Areolas can be in 4 colours:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Natural
  • Light Brown

Vagina Options

There is only the default option for the vagina of your doll:

  • Built-In Vagina - integral to the doll

Labia Options

There are four options for the labia of your doll:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Natural
  • Light Brown


The EVO skeleton will allow the doll to actually perform a full crouch - where the heels will rest on the buttocks.
Also, the legs will form the W- position when kneeling on the floor.

The shoulders will shrug, and spine lean from side to side.

Vital Statistics
Type Platinum Silicone
Head Akira
Body Piper 160cm
Height 160cm - 63 inches
Weight 41 kg - 90.4lbs
Bust 82cm - 32.3 inches
Chest/Band 57cm - 22.4 inches
Waist 61cm - 24.0 inches
Hips 95cm - 37.4 inches
Other Measurements
Shoulder Width 36cm - 14.2 inches
Arm Length 49cm - 19.3 inches
Leg Length 87cm - 34.3 inches
Upper Arm Girth 22cm - 8.7 inches
Wrist Girth
Thigh Girth 48cm - 18.9 inches
Calf Girth 33cm - 13.0 inches
Ankle Girth
Foot Length 23cm - 9.1 inches
Interactive Areas
Vaginal Depth 17cm / 6.7 inches
Anal Depth 14cm / 5.5 inches
Oral Depth None

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160cm Silicone Akira

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